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We're giving 10% OFF all weddings and private parties in July as well as giving a free premium Guest Book worth £35.

Capture the now with a Say Fromage project - personalised, contemporary photo experiences.

Revisit a golden age of photo booths - introducing a classic photo booth with the technology to share your pictures instantly.

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History of the wedding guestbook

In honour of our Say Fromage Summer Sale, we’re taking a look at the history of the wedding guestbook. Originally used to testify the reality of a marriage, guestbooks would feature just the names of those in attendance.  Hundreds of years later and we now only require two signatories at a service, so we’re having […]

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Photo booths, hair straighteners and an analog Snapchat

We love photo booths, probably more than the next person, so naturally when this little article flashed up on Wired, it grabbed us from the get. Shawn Soh and Persiis Hajiyanni have been using the photo booth to make a ‘comment on society’ (i know, i know, just stay with us) The white box above takes […]

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Google Glass – The latest wearable technology launch

The more tech savvy among you will be all too aware of the latest Google Glass launch last week in Kings Cross. What you may not know is Say Fromage took centre stage at the launch event with two beautiful wooden clad SF-Compact photo booths. Using real wall backgrounds, guests were invited to take a […]

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