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Prudential RideLondon 2016 to build a 360° Bullet Time cycling experience and GIF photo booths at the Excel Exhibition Centre London.

Avant garde light painting photo booth for the DS Automobiles showcase at Westfields White City

Small videos created with photo booth pictures and a sound-bite of Fleur East's single

A Hashtag Printer & Selfie Stand helped encourage shoppers to engage and upload selfies to Instagram.

A very special cover shoot for the Vogue Festival 2015

A laser triggered photo for a Puma Ignite sprint start

Want to hire a photo booth in London, Europe or anywhere? See here for more....

Add some movement to your pictures. Create GIFs or MP4s with branded content and music.

Encourage people to upload pictures to instagram in exchange for a free print whilst displaying pictures on a large screen.

Have a photographer moving around a room, with the pictures instantly appearing on a large touch screen ready for people to share and print

An automated Paparazzi Machine, made up of 14 cameras and flashes which shouts at you and creates red carpet pictures ready to share and print.

Need something special! We specialise in creating automated seamless Bullet Time Photography experiences, that instantly create content that people can interact with and share on social media.

Say Fromage Specialise in creating content and allowing people to share it easily and quickly. All our products and experiences can be used with our own touch screen software that allows for instant uploads to social media.

All our experiences and products have software that allows for data capture and market research. This is seamlessly integrated into the experience. This can be customised for you as you like.

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Bullet Time Photo Booth

We have a new mini portable bullet time photo booth, so what is it? I hear you ask.  Well it is a small 3D Bullet Time Photography booth.  The setup consists of 9 digital SLRs set on a curved platform, the 3 banks of LED’s the light the booth.  The cameras fire simultaneously to create a moving 3D […]

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npower family super powers video booth

We were asked to go on tour as a part of npower’s Super Power Roadshow, a new campaign launched in October 2016  to find and record the people of Britain’s Super Powers!  Well, we were excited to be a part of the team to capture these super talented super humans, especially when they told us they’ve found a man who knows the day […]

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Black and white photography is not dead

In an age where we are saturated, almost bombarded by millions of images every day, it can be hard sometimes to stop and take a beat to really appreciate a good photograph.  Black and white has been around since the beginnings of photography and since then has been slowly phased out, in preference for colour film which was first […]

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