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With our HQ in London and an office in Dorset Say Fromage are innovators of interactive photography installations and experiences.

Hire a compact or classic photo booth that allows for instant prints and social media sharing.

Hire a GIF booth, to create some moving pictures ready to share and print.

Hire an Instagram Printer / Hashtag Printing Station that prints automatically when a picture & Hashtag is shared on twitter or Instagram.

Say Fromage are specialists in Bullet Time photography installations. Creating 360° and 180° photo booths. See some examples here.....

See the latest of our projects and of interactive photography installations.

All our products allow for and encourage social media sharing instantly. With hashtags and @'s set by you.

All our products, booths and pictures can be branded as you like. See some examples here.....

All our photo booths and products have software that allows for data capture and market research. This can be customised for you as you like.

Say Fromage can build custom photo booths and installations for you, whether it's built into a shop or even a car!

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My Hour, Bradley Wiggins- Summer Recap

Bradley Wiggins did it again!  In summer 2015 a new world record of 54.526km in an hour was made by professional world racing cyclist, Bradley Wiggins! WOW! In celebration of his one hour record, Rapha installed one of our photo booth’s at the Lea Valley Velodrome. Rapha creates the finest clothing gear for spectacular road racers […]

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Serpentine Gallery Summer Experience

We built a large light box gif photo booth this summer!  Influenced by this year’s Serpentine Pavilion installation based in Kensington Gardens. Our aim was to recreate some distinctive silhouette shots, similar to Selgascano’s designs. We used a few key elements that was used in the creation of the pavilion. We looked into the structure of […]

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Bespoke SugarPova Photo Booth

It’s that time of the year again. We’re back at Wimbledon courtesy of Cow Events. We’ve designed and built a bespoke photo booth for Maria Sharapova’s premium candy line, SugarPova. Our bespoke photo booth is located in the Sugarpova pop up shop on Wimbledon High road. The photo booth is located inside the candy lounge, […]

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