VR Photo Booth

The Say Fromage VR Photo Booth uses a 4k camera to create photos that capture a full 360° of action. The photos are then transferred instantly to a tablet where they can be previewed and rotated. From here users send an email to themselves containing the photo that they can share on social media, but most importantly a link to view their VR photograph.

After receiving the email onto their smartphone users will click on the link. They will then be handed a branded VR Headset to keep and take away. They simply place their phone in the headset and can then view their VR Photo in virtual reality.

We have created the VR Photo Booth to allow users to choose the colour of their surroundings. Alternatively, the exterior can be printed with graphics. It is all possible to use the VR Photo Booth with green screen technology for an even more immersive VR experience.

See a sample VR Gallery here.

See a video of the VR Booth in action here.

Height: 2.5 m
Length: 2.5 m
Width: 2.5 m
Weight: 80 KG
Power: 240 v 13 amp


VR Headset

The VR Photo Booth will be supplied with your own branded VR Headsets. These will come in a flat pack form and will be handed to users after they have taken their photograph. This will allow them to view their VR Photo in virtual reality and provides them with a branded souvenir to take away.

VR Backgrounds

It is possible for a number of backgrounds to be used.

Colour changing L.E.D's in between two layers of white fabric allow the interior and exterior colour of the booth to be chosen by the user or the client.

Printed graphics can be applied to the interior and exterior, to set a scene for the inside and allow branding on the outside.

Green screen fabric can be used on the interior to allow green screen technology to be used with the VR photo. In this instance, the exterior could be branded with graphics.


All Say Fromage products can be completely branded. Which ever product you choose it can be fully or partially branded and we will provide the necessary templates for whatever branding options you choose. Once you send us back your finished artwork files, we take care of the rest. Take a look at the examples of great branding ideas from some of our previous clients.

VR Social

Once a VR Photo has been taken it is easily shared from a tablet by email. Users will receive an email that will include the VR photo. This can then be easily shared on all social media via their smart phone. Facebook is currently the only platform that can preview 360° photos.

They can also share a link to their VR Photo that will be hosted on a event specific gallery. Here people can view them using a VR headset.

Custom Online Galleries

Say Fromage can create a custom web gallery for your content. This can be uploaded instantly as the content is created. It can be useful for you to either use to access the content or to allow others to. The gallery can be password protected if requested.

(Please note this requires a good internet connection!)


As well as providing an unforgettable experience, our technology has been developed with data in mind. All our experiences can provide you with a record of the number of prints, images created, emails and Tweets throughout your event.

We’ll provide reports either on request or regularly over the duration of your experience so that you can track the use and outputs.

VR Data Capture

It is possible to capture data before a user shares their photograph from the tablet, this can be any questions or details you wish to capture. All the data will be provided to you post-event.

VR Photo Booth In Use

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