Jameson Whiskey – 360° Bullet Time Passport Photo Booth

March 2016

There’s nothing more dull than waiting around at the airport for your flight. Jameson Whiskey wanted to change that by creating a fun experience at Gatwick Airport to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. We were asked to use our Bullet Time Photography technology to create something awesome and the result was the 360° Bullet Time Passport Photo Booth.

The idea was that travellers would take a “passport photo” inside the booth (with help from the obviously Irish voice of God) and have a chance to win an awesome prize. But even more important than a prize, they got to create maybe the coolest GIF ever. It’s not every day waiting around at the airport leads to getting to experience bullet time photography technology.

We only wish that passport photos could actually be this fun. Props and friends improve everything, if you ask us.

See the video produced from the stunt along with a pick of the best Bullet Time videos below. For more info on our Bullet Time Photography experiences and pictures of the installation, click here.