Introducing the Hashtag Printer

say fromage hashtag printer
February 2015

Here at Say Fromage we are all about social sharing. Our photo experiences have made it easy to share photos, GIFs and Mp4s through Twitter, Facebook and email. But what about Instagram, you might be wondering? Well, restrictions from the powers-that-be at Instagram make it so that photos taken from machines like our Booths cannot be shared directly to Instagram. Until now…

We’ve unleashed the beast with our unique Hashtag Printer. Now users can share photos to Instagram and get a printed memento all with one simple machine. Our Hashtag Printer is the perfect way to increase your social media presence and encourage user engagement. Basically a win-win situation for everyone if we do say so ourselves. It’s available to hire in London and anywhere else you can think of. Even the moon! (Maybe not the moon.)


Our Hashtag Printer works by tracking a predetermined hashtag on Instagram and/or Twitter. Users are encouraged to take photos with their own smartphones using the hashtag. To make it more inviting, we can customise the experience with branding, props, and even a Selfie Stand with lighting. As they are posted, the tagged photos drop into view on the sleek 32″ screen. Photos in the bottom right corner are next in line to be printed and once they are printed they disappear from view. Aside from being dynamic and eye-catching to passers-by, the moving photo queue lets users know when to expect their pictures to come out. Prints are created automatically with your branding and the user’s original social media caption. Voila:


Interested in booking? Learn more here.