Hashtag Printer – MO&Co.

October 2015

Here is a great example of how MO&Co used our Hashtag Printer!

MO&Co had an event which took place in Selfridges earlier on this month. It was for the launch of their space-styled clothing range for the autumn/winter collection. They wanted a quick and easy way to get their campaign known and everyone knows the best way to do that is through social media!


With their very futuristic style of clothing they asked Say Fromage for an Hashtag Printer with a solid branded background. Their background was designed with their logo and campaign slogan.

Wondering how it worked?

Well, in the MO&Co store there was a section dedicated to the campaign where you would be greeted by Susie Bubble (Susie is a very well known fashion blogger who was there to welcome the visitors).


The campaign successfully distracted shoppers from their shopping. The hosts were there to encourage the shoppers to take a picture with their phone against the background and post it on Instagram with the hashtag, #MOCO2060. The Hashtag Printer then downloaded all pictures uploaded with #MOCO2060 and prints it with the date, the user’s message and a logo for the event on.



Fast, compact and easy #MOCO2060 was all over Instagram and Twitter within the hour. #Instantsharing

For more info see here.

#MOCO2060 #MOandCO