Bullet Time Photography

Known as Multi-Camera-Rig, Camera-Array, 3D Photography or Bullet Time Photography. This is the technique of taking pictures with multiple cameras (usually in a circle around the subject) all at the same time.


With the cameras firing simultaneously, the resulting photos saved in a GIF or video format create a 3D effect around the subject, who remains as if in freeze-frame.


We fell in love with the Bullet Time Photography technique and are now experimenting with it to create unique installations and incredible moving images.


The camera array can be set up in a variety of ways: a full circle, 180°, straight line, spiral, arc…well, you get the idea. The possibilities are endless! Our Bullet Time Photography is perfect for capturing dynamic movement and can be used by individuals or groups.

We have also created a process that allows for the GIFs or videos to be interacted with and shared immediately, which means instant gratification for the users and maximum exposure for our clients.

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