Belvedere Vodka Bullet Time Light Painting

say fromage light painting photo booth
February 2017

This was such an exciting project for us, we got to combine two of our favourite things: Bullet Time Photography and Light Painting!  What a fun way to create amazing and unique content.

Our client wanted us to create an immersive and fun photographic light painting booth to coincide with their client’s product launch Belvedere Vodka’s luminous bottle, The Midnight Saber.

The setting was Beat London which was perfect for such an occasion.  The venue has a very rich musical history, first opening in the 60’s as The Speakeasy Club, which hosted many greats such as Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Pink Floyd to name but a few.  The night was set to be radiantly wild.

bullet time light painting booth

bullet time light painting booth

belvedere 13

As the light painting booth had to be able to fit within a small space in the club, we used our compact Bullet Time Photo Booth which was then built into a light tight box.

The user entered the booth, struck a pose, the flash was triggered and then had time to “paint” with a torch.  This freedom to expressively paint with the light, allowed the user to create unique content to share.

The individual images were then stitched together along with a branded outro slide and converted into a moving MP4 which was immediately transferred to our sharing unit.  From its touch screen, users could then share their unique light painting videos instantly to social media and print a branded still image to keep as a memento.

All the videos from the evening were also instantly uploaded to a branded microsite.



bullet time light painting booth

bullet time light painting booth

belvedere 1

bullet time light painting booth