Urban Decay Bullet Time Light Installation

say fromage bullet time photography
Julia Hancock
November 2016

When we were asked to make a colorful bullet time experience for L’Oreal makeup brand Urban Decay, sponsors at the Stylist live event in the Islington business Design center, we jumped at the chance to create a playful space that visitors could interact with.

The installation was inspired by the new full spectrum eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay, which is filled with bright poppy colors that we wanted to reflect within the experience by using fluorescent lights.  There was a limited space, time and budget to work with, so we handmade a bespoke branded 180° curved bullet time rig.  To which the fluorescent tubing could be attached to create a bright, compact and colorful space to capture the visitors.  The bullet time images were then made into a Mp4 that uploaded automatically to an online gallery and our visitors could then print share on social media, using the #urbandecay and #stylistlive hashtags from the branded sharing station.




Bespoke compact bullet time installation within the Urban Decay stand at the Stylist Live Event.


The full set up had to fit in a limited space within the stand.


Subjects are lit both in front and from behind by fluorescent lights, to balance the exposure.

urban decay light booth closeup

Our host controls the activation of the bullet time installation to ensure the best possible outcome.


The touch screen display, where visitors could choose their favorite images to print and also share their bullet time MP4 via social media directly from our station.


Here is a selection of some of our favorite Mp4s from the weekend 🙂  You can browse the rest of the Gallery here.




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