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Picture Management

At Say Fromage, we pride ourselves on being able to cater a photo booth experience to exactly your company’s needs and for the duration of the hire. For longer Say Fromage photo booth hires we can remotely manage the photos for you.

Provided the photo booth is connected to the internet, we are able to download the photos to our studio at any point in the hire. From there we can edit, remove, add, resize or tweak the logo. We’ll then use a FTP to instantly send the photos you want, in the state you want them, where you want them.

So, during a 7 day photo booth hire, you might want us to download the pictures from the previous day each new morning. We can do this remotely, and with zero effort for you, then we will send them to you by FTP so they’re ready to be uploaded to a Facebook gallery, website, or wherever you want them.

Picture management is charged per 500 image batches. Please do call one of the Say Fromage team for more details.

Daily Reports

As well as providing an unforgettable experience, our technology has been developed with data in mind. Say Fromage photo booths can provide you with a record of the number of print, picture, email and Facebook and Twitter uploads throughout your event.

We’ll provide reports either on request or regularly over the duration of your photo booth hire so that you can track your photo booth use and outputs.

Staffing - Fully Staffed

All of the Say Fromage photo booths are designed to operate on their own, so they just need overseeing. We have developed a number of staffing solutions and options to suit your event, from the most intimate to the biggest and boldest.
Fully Staffed

A fully-staffed hire consists of set-up and collection teams, as well as an experienced, fully-trained Say Fromage host, who will manage the photo booth during the duration of the hire or event day.


Staffing - Installation and Training

For longer photo booth hire, we can make things easier for you and streamline your event by training your existing staff to manage the photo booths. This staffing option includes the usual Say Fromage delivery, set up and collection by our team, along with on-site training in photo booth management and maintenance. Our team will be happy to do this either prior to or on completion of the photo booth installation. In addition, Say Fromage will be on hand remotely to offer technical support. See Telephone Support and Technical Assistance 

Staffing -Telephone Support & Technical Assistance

No matter how user-friendly our technology, at Say Fromage, our experienced team take the training of your staff seriously. In addition, if your staff have any issues during the hire, we’re only a phone call away, and will be able to guide them through the issue step-by-step.

As if this weren’t enough, we are also able to login to all Say Fromage photo booths remotely and operate the touch screens. Whether it’s your team or ours that is managing the booths, we are fully equipped to resolve issues quickly.