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Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

Every Say Fromage photo booth allows users to share their photos on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and email directly from the touch screen. Each of these features can be customised with predetermined copy to promote your company, brand, or promotion. Using the custom social features can be an invaluable opportunity to grow your mailing list, increase your likes and start hashtag trends through Twitter. We can also provide you with a post-event report so you can see just how many people shared their photos from the photo booth.


The Facebook button allows the user to upload their picture to their Facebook page by simply entering their login details. Their picture, along with a custom message from you, will post to their news feed and all their friends.

You can also choose to add a “sponsors post” above their picture post and a link with your copy to a Facebook Page or a URL of your choice. This gives users and guests an easy way to like your Page. For a guaranteed way to increase likes, there is also an option to apply an mandatory like to your Facebook Page before each user can upload their photos.


The Twitter button allows the user to quickly and easily upload their picture to their Twitter account.

Their tweet will contain a pre-written message from you, which can include any hashtags or links to other accounts.


The email button allows the user to email their picture to any email addresses of their choice. The email will contain their picture along with copy written by you, which can include any links and a number of small images. The subject line can also be pre-set by you.

This is a hassle-free way of allowing users to have a digital copy of their picture without publishing it in the public sphere.