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Photo Booths

SF - Compact

Less is more. With a footprint of just 60 x 42 cm, the SF – Compact Photo Booth is designed to capture big moments in the smallest spaces. Installed as close as 1 metre from an existing wall or background, the SF – Compact can still fit up to five people in one frame. You’ve chosen your space for a reason and whether it’s an exposed brick wall, wood panelling, or beautiful vintage paper, we want you to make the most of those special features.

Height: 2m, Width: 0.6m, Depth: 0.42m, Distance from wall: 1.0m, Weight (including ballast): 160kg, Power requirements: 240 v 13amp


SF - Compact - Curtain

Keep things personal with the SF – Compact Curtain Photo Booth. Adding a curtain to the standard SF – Compact automatically creates a private space for your guests to let go and have even more fun. The Say Fromage high-quality curtains create an intimate background for your photos and can be tailored to your taste. Choose from a wide range of block colours, patterns and textures, or have your own graphics or design printed onto a custom curtain.

Height: 2m, Width: 0.6m, Depth: 0.42m, Curtain Width: 0.85m, Curtain Depth: 0.9m, Total footprint: 0.85 x 1.32 metres, Weight including ballast: 163kg, Power requirement: 1 x 240v 13amp.



SF - Compact - Solid Background

Set your sights wide with the SF – Compact Solid Background photo booth. By choosing our free-standing, flat background you instantly create a more open and inclusive experience for all your guests.

Slightly wider than a curtain, The SF – Compact Solid background allows for a broader picture crop, so you can cast your imagination wide and fill your photo frame with all the fun at your event or wedding.

Choose from a range of block colours or have a bespoke background made by Say Fromage. The solid background is also perfectly suited for step & repeats and custom graphics.

Height: 2m, Width: 0.6m, Depth: 0.42m, Background Height: 2m, Background Width: 1m, Background Depth: 0.3m, Total footprint: 1.72 x 1m, Weight including ballast: 223kg, Power requirement: 1 x 240v 13amp


SF - Classic

On the outside, The SF – Classic is the timeless photo booth you imagined. On the inside it has some hidden extras, boasting meticulously crafted flattering portrait lighting to ensure the photos are genuinely beautiful and timeless.

Just how you remember them, SF – Classic photo booths provide an intimate space, with a small stool and a curtain. We combined that with Say Fromage technology to focus on what matters: flattering photos that are instantly sharable. The SF – Classic is a stylish addition to the smartest events and weddings.

Height: 200cm, Length: 180cm, Depth: 80cm, Weight: 100kg, Power needs: 240 v 13amp, Transport size: 4 cases max 100cm x 80cm x 100cm

SF - Compact - Large Background

A true eye-catcher. Get the bigger picture with the SF – Compact – Large Background. This photo booth option creates a wider picture crop, allowing for 3/4 lengths shots when they’re most needed. Capture the bright young things at your event launch, or the most hilarious fancy dress at the party.

Perfect for large-scale brand events as well as big weddings, this option makes a striking feature, and adds a little touch of theatre, whether by day or night.

Height: 2m, Width: 0.6m, Depth: 0.42m, Distance from background: 1.7m, Background Height: 2.2m, Background Width: 2.0m, Background Depth: 0.4m, Total footprint: 1.5 x 2.12m, Weight including ballast: 175kg, Power requirements: 1 x 240v 13amp.

SF - Compact - Fashion

Your event, your style, your very own fashion shoot with the The SF – Compact – Fashion photo booth. Camera features with intelligent, simple design allow you to take fashion photographs of industry standard, without a roaming photographer.

Take control and take the freshest, most flattering photos with full-body functions. A full Colorama backdrop is available in any colour, or comes with the option to use your chosen full graphics.

Booth Height: 2m, Width: 0.6m, Depth: 0.42m, Backdrop Height: 2.4m, Backdrop Width: 2.5 – 3m, Total footprint: 3.32 x 2.5 – 3m, Total weight including ballast: 1170kg, Power requirements: 1 x 240v x 13amp

SF - Compact - Custom Background

Capture, don’t clutter the moment. The SF – Compact is our most versatile photo booth and can be set up by our team either in an existing structure, seated area, or a background designed and custom built by the professional Say Fromage hire team.

As well as being one of the neatest booths in the market – designed specifically for either small or awkward spaces -, it also functions brilliantly to get your brand message across with a completely custom-designed background.

Height: 2m, Width: 0.6m, Depth: 0.42m, Total weight: 137kg, Power requirement: 1 x 240v 13amp

Flight Cases

All Say Fromage photo booths are transported and delivered to your event in smart, robust, red flight cases. The cases are designed to fit through a standard doorway and small lifts, and the handles make flights of stairs or longer distances in large locations easy to navigate.

Largest height: 1.2m, Largest width: 1.2m