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High Definition Image Quality

Our photo booths are born from a photographic tradition, but our technology never stops advancing. At Say Fromage, photography comes first, so while you have stylish design on the outside, we build serious cameras on the inside. All our photo booths use HD cameras with precision lenses for the sharpest, most professional images on the market. If you love one or two special photos, or want to send a memento of your wedding day, larger prints can be developed in perfect quality, no matter the SF photo booth you went for. We can also save the images in RAW format, at your request.

See a Tatler shoot here done with one of our SF-Compacts.

Flattering Lighting

A fleeting expression between the bride and groom, the unveiling of a new fashion brand or beauty product, or just the smiling faces that make up a party – with Say Fromage photo booths you won’t lose the beautiful moments, because we know how to catch them. SF – Compact photo booths use a ring flash, traditionally used in the fashion and beauty industries to give a flattering, shadowless finish to the photos. Our SF – Classic photo booths use two large light panels for an enhancing light from above and below, which chisels faces and softens skin tone.

Large Intergrated Touch Screen

You’ve got the look, now share it. All Say Fromage photo booths have an intergrated 20-inch touch screen, which allows you to share and interact with your photos in an intuitive, simple way. We provide a friendly and experienced host at each event, but the real point of our touch screen technology is that you can take charge of your photos.
The second a photo is taken inside the photo booth, it comes up on the touch screen outside, giving everyone a share of the fun. From there, the images move to a scroll bar along the bottom of the screen where you’re free to flick through at your own pace. Print, email, Facebook or Tweet any pictures taken during your photo booth hire at the touch of a screen.

Quality Build and Finish

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for the classic look at a private wedding or want personalized booths for your boutique, hotel or brand event, your Say Fromage photo booth with have the same impeccable, hand-finished quality in white or black satin powder coated steel. All our photo booths are designed by us and are built in UK by hand and with a passion for photographic quality and style.

Instant Quality Prints

All of our photo booths have an instant-print function that delivers photos within 10 seconds. We use archival dye sub printers that provide dry, ready to handle prints that last up to 30 years. All prints are 15.2 cm by 10.2 cm (6″x4″)
Our touch screen software allows you to choose what kind of print you have:
A full-size single picture
All 4 pictures from your session
4 of your favourite pictures from your and your friends’s sessions.

Customise Your Booth

It’s your day, so have it your way. All of our SF photo booths can be customized to your liking. From a change of curtain or background to vinyl stickers on the acrylic photo booth itself, or an eye-catching booth wrap design. Tell us your spec and we’ll provide templates and manage the whole thing for you.

Social Sharing

Say Fromage boasts some of the original and best touch screen software features, allowing users to email and upload their images to Facebook and Twitter as quickly as they do with a smart phone. All emails and uploads can have copy predefined by you. The message that appears with posts and in the email can include hyperlinks, @’s, #’s or whatever you like. See here for the finer details.

Green Screen

Set your sights as far and wide as you can with the Say Fromage “green screen” capabilities. The green screen makes it possible for users to choose from up to 7 different backgrounds. Each one having a different border.   In terms of the backgrounds and borders you choose, the only limit is your imagination.

Data Capture & Market Research

The Say Fromage unique touch screen software can be set up to collect data from the people who use the photo booth at your event. Data capture can be in the form of a questionnaire or a simple check box on the screen to sign up to a mailing list. We can also include terms and conditions and entry to competitions. See more detailed descriptions here.

Customised Prints

Down to the last detail, Say Fromage want to help you personalize your special event or wedding. Add any graphic, logo or message to the pictures and prints. Whether it’s a small badge, a logo in the corner or complete custom frame surround, the more creative you are with the graphics you want, the happier we are to help you have them on display.

Easy to use Booking System

For all private and one-off events you will now manage your booking through an online booking system. The easy to use system lets you to manage all required information for your booking, make payments and design your photo booth online.

Returning customers can log in to amend or even repeat a booking.