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Q: Where are you based?
A: Our studio is in Bermondsey, South London just a few miles from Trafalgar Square.

Q: What colour background can I have?
A: Our stock curtains are: red, satin red, black, white, pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue, gold, silver, silver sequin, candy cane stripe, champagne, purple.
Our stock solid backgrounds are: red, black, white, baby blue, green, pink, grey, gold.
You can have any colour you want at a small extra cost.

Q: Can I have a customized background? For example, with different colours/logos?
A: If you want a different background from our selection, we can have one made. A plain curtain colour costs £75, or if you wish to send us your own fabric we can make it for £50. If you would like to customize the curtain with a logo or graphics we can arrange this for £250, or a solid background with graphics costs £150.

Q: Can I have duplicate copies of prints on the day? e.g. one for each guest and one for the guest book?
A: Yes! You can have unlimited copies of each print on the day. The photo booths are user-led and your host will be on hand to show you how to print and share.

Q: What is included in the dressing up box?
A: A selection of hats, glasses, masks, wigs, a chalk board message board and other props.

Q: How much space is needed?
A: We recommended a minimum of 1 metre around the photo booth. Please see the total footprint of each photo booth on our photo booth page here. If you still have doubts, we’re more than happy to make a site visit.

Q: How many people can fit in the photo booth at one time?
A: Comfortably, you’ll be able to get around 4-6 people in the frame.

Q: How big are the prints?
A: 6 x 4″/ 15 x 10 cm

Q: How long does it take for the pictures to be uploaded onto the web gallery?
A: The pictures will be slightly edited and we always aim to upload them by the end of the next working day.

Q: How does the additional slide show work?
A: It is run off a separate computer, which automatically takes the pictures from the photo booth and adds it to a rotating slide show. It will continue adding and rotating the pictures throughout the duration of the event.

Q: Do you have a public liability insurance?
A: Yes, we have a public liability insurance of up to £10 million and all our photo booths are PAT tested. Certificates can be supplied on request.

Q: How do I customize or put graphics on the photo booth?
A: To work out the best solution for the designs you give us we like to discuss it with you. We either: print smaller graphics onto vinyl and apply these to the photo booth; or, if you would like to cover the whole photo booth it can be wrapped in vinyl graphics (POA).

Q: How long do you take to set up/dismantle the photo booths? Is that included in the hire price?
A: We normally allow 1.5 hours to set up, though in some cases it can be done within an hour. We can dismantle the photo booth in under 30 minutes. The hiring time of 4 hours begins from when you start using the photo booth.

Q: What are your Terms and Conditions?
A: Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

Q: What do you need to confirm my booking?
A: Once you have been sent a quote, all you need to do is click on the link in the email and pay your deposit. Once this has been done your photo booth will have been hired.

Q: How can I pay?
A: Please pay by card via our online booking system. It’s very easy and completely safe.

Q: How much does the photo booth hire cost?
A: We tailor our services to your specific needs, so please complete the contact form here or contact us for a quote.

Q: Can I personalize my prints?
A: We can add a logo or message to your prints free of charge. Please provide us with either a file or the necessary information.

Q: How do I operate the photo booth?
A: Operating the photo booth is very easy with our interactive touch screens. Please see a video on how the photo booth works here.There is a Say Fromage host or trained staff with you at all times to show your guests how to use the photo booth.

Q: What is the difference between a guest book and the hardback book?
A: The guest book is made at the event. Our host will be helping you and your guests with choosing prints, adding them in and writing a message. Alternatively, we can create a proffessionaly printed hardback book with your favourite pictures in it.

Q: Can I have the photo booth for more than 4 hours?
A: Yes! We charge £75 per additional hour.

Q: Is there a cost for idle time?
A: Yes. We charge £35 per hour.

If we still haven’t answered your question, please call us at the London or Dorset offices.