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Data Capture

Data Capture

A Say Fromage photo booth or project is an impressive, effective way to get people to engage with your brand, product or company. Even more importantly, Say Fromage has developed state of the art data collection features in every photo booth for you to understand who is engaging with your product, and why. It’s an innovative and unintrusive way to market your product while conducting market research.

The people attracted to your branded photo booth experience or project and who have their picture taken for free can be encouraged to input some of their basic details in the booth, to enter competitions or sign up to mailing lists. Data collection can be seamlessly and innovatively linked to the photo experience you have designed with Say Fromage. The data is easy for people to enter via our photo booth touch screens, and is collected and protected for you, the client.

First, the user takes their photograph in the booth. They then choose an action – print, email, Facebook or Twitter. Before being able to complete their first action, a form will pop up, which they complete before continuing. This form can include questions, statements, tick boxes or drop-down lists. Users get a beautiful free photo from your event, and you know more about who your brand attracts.

Say Fromage is able to customize this service completely for you. See Bespoke Software Additions & Development for more information.