Perrier Pique-Nique bouncing GIF booth

say fromage event photography
Julia Hancock
June 2017

Our client asked if we could build them a fun and an experiential photo booth for Perrier, that reflected the colourful, quirky playfulness of the brand, taking inspiration from their illustrative ad campaigns. We wanted to create a life-size 3D version that people could interact with and enjoy, that brought to life the Perrier experience at “The Yard” in the heart of trendy East London.

Entertainment on the night includes extraordinaire performances from a roaming acoustic band, a street artist, DJ set from The Ministry of Sound’s Jess Skye and the Majorettes hula hoop troupe. In addition, experimental cocktails were served, combining a delicate balance of flavours including two of Perrier’s first ever flavoured sparkling waters. Perrier Green Apple and Perrier Lemon.

Our aim was to create a fun experiential photo set that incorporated a trampoline for us to capture the bubbly excitement of the brand and above all have a smashing good time.  We did this by having one of our photographers at the event to capture the spectacular bouncing, which then was converted into a Mp4 video, which was immediately available at the sharing station to share onto social media.  Each person also received a print to keep on the night.


The construction:



Testing:  Once the set was built, the fun could start testing the capture, many thanks to Grace for spending a couple of days bouncing for us.

say fromage event photography

say fromage event photography


The set up:  


The Outcome: Bubbly bouncy branded Mp4s that were instantly shareable.  See the gallery here.


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