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SF Event Photography

Presenting SF Event Photography!

We’ll be the first to admit that a photo booth isn’t always the right fit for an event. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have an interactive photo experience. We wanted to reach more clients and different kinds of events so we took all of the best bits about our photo booths (engagement, instant sharing, printable images) and applied them to event photography.

We all know what event photography is: a photographer takes photos and you’ll see them on a Facebook page or web gallery a few days later—if you remember to check, of course. We improved that concept by adding the ability to instantly access and share the images.

With SF Event Photography, we provide a talented photographer and a Sharing Station. Whether you want to create a unique staged set-up or capture more candid shots, it all gets sent wirelessly from our photographer’s camera to our printing station where guests can share and download their images.

We like to think of what we’re doing as elevated event photography: instant photos, instant sharing, instant gratification.

Our Photographers

Every event is different. That’s why Say Fromage works with a number of professional, creative photographers. We will work with you to find the perfect photographer to capture your event. We can also create a bespoke photography experience with branding, props, and other set-ups. Want GIFs? We can do that too!

Thanks to our wireless camera, your photographer will do their photographer thing as they normally would and right after a picture is taken it will be available at the Sharing Station.

Our Sharing Station

Our Sharing Station is a smart looking unit with a large HD touch screen. Your event pictures will look stunning as guests browse through them and share them on social media and make prints to take home.

The social media copy can be customised for your event (everybody loves a good hashtag!) and the prints can be branded too. The Sharing Station itself can also be branded. Cool, right?

Like we said, elevated event photography.