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Light Painting Photo Booth

Light Painting Photo Booth

The SF Light Painting Photo Booth is a photographic light painting experience.

How does it work?

You enter the Light Painting Photo Booth with a light source to create a light trail.  The user activates the booth and strikes a pose!  A long exposure allows the camera to capture the person in focus while still recording the light trail in the dark.  This allows them to move freely within the space to draw and create a unique image.  Different light sources can be used to change the colour and shape of the light painting.

After the exposure is finished, the final image will appear on the touch screen outside the booth which can then be shared on social media and printed.

 (All aspects of the experience can be branded and customised)

Bullet Time Light Painting

A new feature of our light painting booth is bullet time photography,  this allows the user freedom to expressively “paint” and create with light, this combined with our bullet time photo booth.  We are able to capture unique moving 3D content that is instantly shareable.


DS Automobiles Light Painting Booth

DS Automobiles showcased their latest Avant-Garde car range at Westfield London throughout December.

To allow shoppers to engage with the DS promotional space, Say Fromage helped Allez Studio provide a photographic light painting experience. Inspired by Picasso’s light trails and DS’ LED lights, the public were given the opportunity to create their own light paintings.

Guests entered a blacked out room and were given light sticks. The effect was created by exposing the photograph for a few seconds, during which the guests “painted” with the light sticks. The pictures were then instantly displayed on a 32” touch screen ready for users to view, print and share on social media.

A dedicated online gallery was instantly updated throughout the day to provide a record of all the great light paintings that were created.

Take a look at the gallery here.