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Hashtag Printer

An Introduction

The latest addition to our fleet is the Hashtag Printer. It’s sometimes called an “Instagram Printer” or “Hashtag Print Station”–all different names for the same awesome thing.

The Hashtag Printer works with your guests own smartphones. Like all events, people will be uploading and sharing images on social media. Unlike all events, we use our Hashtag Printer to display and print these images from Instagram (and Twitter too!) in real time. All we need is a hashtag.

The Hashtag Printer is a fun and compact way to promote your event on social media and encourage engagement. By participating in social sharing, guests are rewarded with a printed memento. That’s a sweet deal if you ask us.

Height: 2m; Width: 0.6m; Depth: 0.45m; Weight (including ballast); 137kg; Power requirements: 240 v 13amp

Internet connection required.

How It Works

The Hashtag Printer can be programmed to track any hashtag used on Instagram or Twitter. Photos drop into view on the 32″ screen as they are uploaded from your guests’ phones. The screen displays the latest 12 pictures and lets guests know when their picture is being printed. Prints are created automatically with your branding and the guest’s original social media caption.

Want to up the ante? Add on a Selfie Stand so your guests can take the best selfies of their lives–seriously. An improvement on the selfie stick, our Selfie Stands lets guests pose hands free and with gorgeous lighting from a ring-light.

Options to customise are:

  • Branding options for the unit, holding screen, prints and background
  • Choice of font and colour for user message on prints


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Promotion - Hashtag Printer and Selfie Stand

For Viktor & Rolf‘s Christmas promotion of their Flowerbomb fragrance, Say Fromage were asked to provide three Hashtag Printers with Selfie Stands to four different shopping centres. The goal: to encourage shoppers to take selfies with their phones and share it on Instagram.

The Selfie Stand allowed the guests to take much better selfies than they normally would by providing flattering lighting from a ring-light.

Our Hashtag Printer’s large screens were easily visible and encouraged people to upload their selfies to Instagram with a promotion-specific hashtag in return for a free print.