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GIF Booth Hire

The SF-GIF Booth

A GIF is a series of still images that are put together and turned into an animation. Our GIF Booth works in the same way as our regular Photo Booths. It takes a number of flattering, HD pictures and then animates these together.

Why is that awesome?

Glad you asked! Because people can create funny, interesting, and attention grabbing animations by moving and posing as the pictures are taken. GIF content always stands out after it’s shared on social media platforms. They can also be printed.

Key Features

  • Works on any of our Photo Booths and setups, including the Paparazzi Machine
  • You can control the speed of the GIF and number of photos
  • Allows pictures to be printed and GIFs to be shared on social media
  • Allows guests to email GIFs directly to themselves along with a link to their GIF on the web gallery
  • Uploads GIFs immediately to be visible on social feeds
  • The web gallery can be customised with graphics, branding and copy of your choice
  • Alternately, the GIFs can be moderated before they go live on the gallery via a client moderation site
  • A live slide show can be set up on any screen

Social Sharing Straight From The GIF Booth

  • Guests can share their GIFs directly from the booth to Twitter, Facebook, and email
  • The Facebook, Twitter and email posts will have a customised message that cannot be changed by the guests
  • All shares embed the GIFs directly into the social media posts
  • All shares direct people to the web gallery
  • From the web gallery, guests can also share their GIFs to other social media and websites

Automated Live Gallery

  • All GIF booths come with their own customised web gallery
  • The GIFs are automatically and instantly uploaded to the web gallery
  • The gallery is mobile and tablet friendly and will resize automatically for ease of use
  • GIFs can have a time stamp added if required
  • The gallery can be moderated easily (see Moderated Gallery below)
  • Choose to have a stand alone web gallery with your own URL (web address) unique to your event
  • Designed with your branding or graphics
  • Include any links to any URL you want
  • Get detailed stats of visits and shares

Sample Galleries

Moderated Gallery

  • Live moderation of pictures before they go up onto the gallery
  • Web-based and accessible from any tablet or a mobile device
  • Allows you as the client to decide what GIFs go up onto the gallery in real time
  • Easy-to-use tabs give you access to view New, Rejected, Accepted GIFs, as well as the live site

Live Slide Show

Create a bigger impact by showing off the MP4s, either on a large screen or projection. We can set up a live slide show that can instantly show the latest mp4s with branding and in a number of different formats.

Sharing Statistics & Reports

  • We can give you detailed sharing statistics from the Facebook shares, including impressions, comments, likes, gender, and age
  • We can also provide you with detailed statistics on the use of your GIF booth, including number of prints, shares, and visits

Data Capture

  • You can capture data or ask questions of the people using the MP4 booth
  • This could be simply requesting their name and email to add to a mailing list or questions regarding their opinion
  • We can customise this experience just for you
  • All the data is then delivered to you at the end of the hire, in a spreadsheet ready for you to use