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Bullet Time Photography

What's Bullet Time Photography All About?

You may call it Matrix photography or 360°/3D photography but we like to refer to it as Bullet Time Photography. That, and “really cool.” This is the technique of taking pictures with multiple cameras (usually in a circle around the subject) all at the same time. With the cameras firing simultaneously, the resulting photos—saved in a GIF or video format—create a 3D effect around the subject, who remains as if in freeze-frame.

We fell in love with the Bullet Time Photography technique and are now experimenting with it to create unique installations and incredible moving images. The camera array can be set up in a variety of ways: a full circle, 180°, straight line, spiral, arc…well, you get the idea. The possibilities are endless! Our Bullet Time Photography is perfect for capturing dynamic movement and can be used by individuals or groups.

We have also created a process that allows for the GIFs or videos to be interacted with and shared immediately, which means instant gratification for the users and maximum exposure for you.

Spotify Tour Bullet Time Experience

We recently teamed up with Spotify UK to create a 180° bullet time experience, which has been on a huge tour of the UK in aid of Freshers’ Week! The set up contained a rig of 16 cameras, which were fired in sync to create this 180° 3D bullet time video.

Now this was the slightly tricky part, we had a limited time frame of a maximum of 3 hours in which to build the complete set for each event. This was a serious CHALLENGE! But we are never one to back down from such a request, so we put our heads together and came up with a solution. We decided we would need two flexible and portable rigs as they would be touring around Universities up and down the country.  We did this by using a metal truss which provided the perfect platform for safe and quick construction, that also could hold our equipment in situ to speed up changeovers and be “wrapped” in Spotify branding quickly. Read more on our blog here.

Lancome Bullet Time Photo Booth for Bafta

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lancome UK in their style suite.  We took our bespoke bullet time photo booth with a beautiful rose wall to capture their stunning makeovers on the way to Bafta 2017!  #lancomelovesbafta

Emirates 360° Bullet Time Experience RWC 2015

Emirates Airlines needed something substantial to represent their Worldwide Partnership with the England Rugby World Cup 2015 and give rugby fans an experience they wouldn’t forget. So Synergy Sponsorship commissioned Say Fromage to create a 360° Bullet Time Photography Experience!

We created a rig with a 20° angle that would allow maximum visibility for spectators at the front and at the same time create an amazing image. On entering the Bullet Time Experience were instructed to chose a flag to use as a prop. When it was their turn, a movement sensor triggered an audio piece which guided the fans through the picture-taking process.

The audio then guided fans to exit the rig and visit the large touch screens on their way out. There they viewed their amazing GIFs, answered a short survey, shared their GIFs on social media and got a print to take home. All the GIFs were automatically uploaded to a dedicated Emirates 360° Bullet Time Experience web gallery, where fans could view all of the GIFs created during the Rugby World Cup.

Jameson 360° Bullet Time Passport Photo Booth

Say Fromage helped create a 360° Bullet Time Passport Photo Booth in Gatwick Airport For a Jameson Whiskey St Patrick’s Day video stunt.

In the departures lounge, flyers were given the chance to use the booth and win a trip to Dublin,  along with other prizes.

On entering the Booth people were greeted by a very friendly (Irish, of course) voice of GOD who instructed them on how to take a good picture. And when exiting, promo staff emailed them their bullet time video and also sent it to be instantly displayed on four large screens around the airport for everyone to see.

A video was made of the whole experience and released just before St Patricks Day. See it here.

Prudential Ride London 360 Bullet Time Experience

We teamed up with Prudential RideLondon 2016 to create a 360° Bullet Time cycling Experience and two gif photo booths at the Excel centre London.

RideLondon is a world-class festival of cycling, so we decided to build a bespoke bullet time rig of 32 cameras set in a circle on a 45° angle in which cyclists could experience themselves photographically in 360°  this was then converted into a MP4 video to share social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, from our touch screen sharing station.

We also had two touch screen Gif booths operating to capture people’s best selfies that could then be printed out as a memento of the day and also shared directly to social media sites.  Read more about it here.

Urban Decay Bullet Time Light Installation

When we were asked to make a colorful bullet time experience for L’Oreal makeup brand Urban Decay, at the Stylist live event in the Islington business Design centre, we jumped at the chance to create a playful space that visitors could interact with.

The installation was inspired by the new full spectrum eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay, which is filled with bright poppy colors that we wanted to reflect in the experience by using fluorescent lights. There was a limited space, time and budget to work with, so we handmade a bespoke branded 180° curved bullet time rig.  To which the fluorescent tubing could be attached to create a bright, compact and colorful space to capture the visitors.  The bullet time images were then made into a Mp4 that uploaded automatically to an online gallery and our visitors could then print share on social media from our branded sharing station

Read more on our blog here

Bullet Time Rock Band Experience for Facebook Hack'n'Roll

When Facebook approached us to create the ultimate rock band experience for their London Summer Hack 2016 #HACK’N’ROLL in the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2, we got very excited as it is the perfect venue for the occasion, and we felt our bullet time rig would be the ideal setup for the job.

We built a custom compact curved bullet time rig of 16 cameras. This was connected up to our GIF sharing and printing station, guests were captured in the awesome rock band set up freezing their serious shredding. This then allowed them to share the experience directly on social media and email but also print a branded still to keep. Read more about it here.

Puma + Sports Direct - Football Pinball Experience

Sports Direct recently held their annual conference. We worked with them and Puma to provide a unique and competitive experience.

Our client created a giant pinball machine that used footballs. The employees had one minute to get as many points as they could to win a holiday. Various targets earned them various points, just like in regular pinball. 

We created a compact bullet time rig to capture the people kicking the balls in that one minute. They were sent to a sharing station so people could get a souvenir and share.  See more here.

Maruti Suzuki Transformotion 360° Bullet Time Experience

Say Fromage were asked to provide the 360° Bullet Time Photography Experience setup for the Auto Expo showcase in New Delhi! Maruti Suzuki wanted to give their visitors an experience to remember whilst providing them with a platform to easily share their GIFs on to social media networks. To support them, we supplied our 20° angled rig with an array of 32 cameras, two 32” branded touch screens, advanced slideshow software, and two of our finest technicians.

The user walked into the circle through a black curtain at the back, listened to a set of instructions and then left through the adjacent black curtain exit. The GIFs were uploaded onto a daily dedicated gallery and shown on the two large touch screens where the users could share, upload and print.

The Play 360 #MarutiSuzukiTransformotion experience ran for a week with a total of 2406 sessions!

Read more about the experience here.

New Look Wireless and Reading Festival 360° Bullet Time Experience!

Say Fromage were asked by Live Nation Experiential to create a unique 360 ° Bullet Time Photography Experience for Paco Rabanne Black XS to be used at the New Look Wireless and Reading Festivals. For Live Nation Experiential, speed was an important factor as they wanted as many guests as possible to use the experience.

Say Fromage created an automated trigger system that used a sensor to detect as soon as someone entered the centre of the circle. This triggered a sound instruction to be played, the strobes to flash and the cameras to take the pictures. Each session took 25 seconds. The pictures were then sent instantly to two sharing stations where people could share them on social media and print their images. All the GIFs were uploaded instantly to a customised a gallery just for the event.

Over six days at the two festivals we had over 1000 people use the experience. 

TalkTalk TV - 360° Bullet Time Red Carpet Experience

Say Fromage were commissioned by TalkTalk TV for the second year running to create a photographic experience that would give them a physical presence at the X Factor Final Live, of which they were major sponsors.

Working on the success of the previous year, we continued the red carpet theme and decide to create an experience that guests would not forget. We designed a 360° rig that would capture people from multiple angles at the same time. People were instructed by a recorded sound track, whilst a number of strobes simulated red carpet paparazzi.

The pictures were then turned into a GIF and made immediately available for the guests share on social media. The GIFs were also automatically uploaded to a custom gallery for everyone to see. See a video of the installation here.