Light Painting Booth

The Light Painting Photo Booth allows users to paint with light using different kinds of lights sources.

The user activates the booth and strikes a pose! A long exposure allows the camera to capture the person in focus while still recording the light painting in the dark. This allows them to move freely within the space to draw and create a unique image in light. Different light sources can be used to change the colour and shape of the light painting.

After the exposure is finished, the final image will appear on the touch screen outside the booth which can then be shared on social media and printed.

* All aspects of the experience can be branded and customised

** Light Painting can be used together with our Bullet Time Photo Booth to create even more spectacular images.

Height: 2.6 m
Width: 1.6 m
Depth: 1.2 m
Power: 240 v 13 amp



All Say Fromage products can be completely branded. Which ever product you choose it can be fully or partially branded and we will provide the necessary templates for whatever branding options you choose. Once you send us back your finished artwork files, we take care of the rest. Take a look at the examples of great branding ideas from some of our previous clients.

Custom Online Galleries

Say Fromage can create a custom web gallery for the photos, GIFs or videos created for you by us.

This can be customised with graphics and logos to match your branding or theme of your event.
Copy and links to other websites can be added to the header.
Time stamps can be added to the individual photos, GIFs or videos
Galleries can be split into days if the experience runs over one day.
Galleries can show and edit the original content or all of the content and upload it as it is created (see below).
Analytics of the gallery visits and shares can be provided.

Your gallery can be uploaded automatically and instantly as the content is created.

This allows people to share and view all the content created and also allows for a Live Slide Show if you wanted.

(This requires a good internet connection!)

Data Capture

Say Fromage has developed state of the art data collection features within in our software for you to understand who is engaging with your product, and why. It’s an innovative and unintrusive way to market your product while conducting market research.

First, the user takes their photograph or GIF. They then choose an action – print, email, Facebook or Twitter. Before being able to complete their first action, a form will pop up, which they complete before continuing. This form can include questions, statements, tick boxes or drop-down lists. Users get a beautiful free photo from your event, and you know more about who your brand attracts.

Say Fromage is able to customise this service completely for you. Please see our Customised Software Service or talk to us for more details.


Instant-print function delivers photos within 10 seconds. We use archival dye sub printers that provide dry, ready to handle prints that last up to 30 years. All prints are 15.2 cm by 10.2 cm (6″x4″)
Our touch screen software allows you to choose what kind of print you have:
A full-size single picture
All 4 pictures from your session (Photo Booth only)
All prints can be branded with a custom graphic, message or logo.

Picture Management

At Say Fromage, we pride ourselves on being able to cater an experience to exactly your needs and for the duration of use. For any experience, we can provide picture management, which means doing whatever you want with the pictures whether instantly as they are created or in post production.

Provided the experience is connected to the internet, we are able to download the photos to our studio at any point. From there we can edit, remove, add, resize or tweak the logo. We’ll then use an FTP to instantly send the photos you want, in the state you want them, where you want them.

So, during a 7-day photo booth hire, you might want us to download the pictures from the previous day each new morning. We can do this remotely, and with zero effort for you, then we will send them to you by FTP so they’re ready to be uploaded to a Facebook gallery, website, or wherever you want them.

We can also automatically transfer all images as they are produced to a server, Dropbox or web gallery for you to access instantly.

Quality Pictures

All our products create high-quality images. A minimum HD resolution is produced by all our cameras, 4k and RAW images can be produced if required. We use mainly DSLRs not webcams and we strive to produce great images using quality lighting and components.

Social Sharing

Every Say Fromage product allows users to share their photos instantly onto social media (Facebook and Twitter) and email directly from the touch screen. Twitter and Email can be customised with predetermined copy, hashtags and @'s. Using the custom social features can be an invaluable opportunity to increase your likes and start hashtag trends. We can also provide you with a post-event report so you can see just how many people shared their content. (Sharing to Instagram and other social media can be done once you have emailed yourself the content).


As well as providing an unforgettable experience, our technology has been developed with data in mind. Say Fromage photo booths can provide you with a record of the number of print, picture, email and Facebook and Twitter uploads throughout your event.

We’ll provide reports either on request or regularly over the duration of your experience so that you can track the use and outputs.

Light Painting Booth In Use


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Short Term Projects:
Contact Georgie if you're interested in an experience for short term events or if you're from a venue.
Long Term Projects:
Contact Grace if you're interested in an experience for either a long term or bullet time project.
Customised build and design
Bespoke Solutions
Software Development