Filter me, How to make your social images pop

say fromage green screen
Julia Hancock
June 2017

Can we just talk about filters for a second? Good, well we all use them they have become a part of how we show ourselves and interact with one another online.  But how do you, in these oversaturated times stand out from the crowd and make cool interesting images that people want to make, use and share with others quickly, especially at events? The images you produce have to be a quick and fun way of communicating your brand with your consumer base.

With that in mind, we have rolled out a few software updates here at Say Fromage HQ to enable us to have more freedom with adding artwork, filters and different image crops to allow a greater scope for a more artistic and flexible approach to image making.  Here are few examples of some fun collaborations we have done of late.

We were delighted to join eBay at the debut of This Morning Live at the Birmingham NEC.  As main stage partner, eBay gave guests the chance to learn tips from style experts whilst discovering the top fashion and beauty trends to look out for this summer.  We were on hand with our trusty event photography team to take peoples profile pictures in our professional social media studio. Their images then had a customised filter of the SS17 trend colours overlayed over their images which could then be shared immediately to social media from our sharing stations.



We also worked with Levi’s to create playful abstract filters for the images from the photo booth for one of their press events. The results were as follows:

This weekend we have joined forces with Playstation at the Champions League Festival in Cardiff Bay. We have customised our software to allow people to scale, move and personalise their photo booth images to create their own personalised player card, with a chance to win #UCLfinal tickets.  If you are nearby pop by and say, “Hi”.



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