Bullet Time Rock Band at Facebook’s Hack’n’Roll

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Julia Hancock
July 2016

When Facebook approached us here at Say Fromage to create the ultimate rock band experience for their London Summer Hack 2016 #HACK’N’ROLL in the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2, we got very excited as it is the perfect venue for the occasion, and we felt our bullet time rig would be the ideal setup for the job.

We built a custom compact curved bullet time rig of 16 cameras. This was connected up to our GIF sharing and printing station, guests were captured in the awesome rock band set up freezing their serious shredding. This then allowed them to share the experience directly on social media and email but also print a branded still to keep.

Our guests got to play with real instruments, which also meant we found out we had a lot of talented drummers in our midst (you clever bunch), our crowd of hackers could then form their own groups/bands together and collaborate with our hosts to create the perfect rock band set up to capture.  Then all was left to do was jam, pull some serious Jagger moves, bass faces and power slides.


Excellent groupie bullet time photobombing in the back guys!

hacknroll summer slam 2016

One of our personal favourites from the evening, flying mantis drum smash!

hacknroll summer slam 2016

The best bullet time freeze frame of the day! This give a whole new dimension to to the wonderful genre that is Hair Metal!

We all had a long super rocking day, we worked hard but we played harder and that was the spirit of the event.

You can see the custom Facebook London Summer Hack 2016  hack’n’roll Gif web gallery here

facebook set up 5-0001

facebook set up 4-0001

facebook set up 3-0001

facebook set up 2-0001

facebook set up 6-0001


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