BMW 5 Series 360° Experience

Julia Hancock
July 2017

We were approached by one of our clients to create a photographic experience for the BMW 5 series showcase at the BMW PGA Championships 2017 at Wentworth Golf Club.


To create a memorable and unique photographic experience to drive social engagement from the event.

We proposed to create an experience that not only created content for social media but was also a tool for golf amateurs to assess their golf swing technique. To do this we proposed to use a 360° bullet time rig with the addition of a sequential trigger that we would develop.

The end output being a sweeping slow motion video of a golf swing taken in 360°

So what is sequential photography?  Well, it is similar in principle to our bullet time rig, but instead of taking all the images at once to freeze the movement, sequential photography takes stills in sequence.  This can be set at differing frame rates and revolutions to capture movement at various speeds.  This is then animated to create one sweeping shot/video of the movement, which can then be played back at varying speeds to create a slow motion effect.

For this project, we settled on shooting at 25fps at two rotations making 64 frames. We then played them back at 18fps.

A close up of testing of our sequential trigger system in development.


Initial technical drawing of the 360° sequential photographic rig.


Initial gif test.

say fromage sequential photography


Testing the new sequential trigger with our 360° bullet time rig, here are a few examples testing the rig at different FPS (frames per second) and differing loops/revolutions.



Building the bullet time rig in-situ at Wentworth.


An outside view of the BMW 360° experience at Wentworth.



Inside the camera installation, a 360° view of the 18th tee at Wentworth golf course.


A brand ambassador with the touch screen sharing area, where users could view and share their unique videos to social media directly from the activation.

Users were encouraged by the brand ambassadors to upload their video to social media using the hashtag #BMWPGA360 to enter a competition.

Here are a few of our favourites





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