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Well, we can’t quite believe it’s March already!  We have had a really busy start to the year here at Say Fromage HQ.

We kicked off the year with a bright and colourful brand activation for Clinique’s new product collaboration with Crayola for their limited edition chubby sticks.  Looking distinctly like a set of eight richly-coloured Crayola, Clinique’s much-loved Chubby Sticks are playful pencil-style lipsticks.

We collaborated with Clinique to create a space for customers to play with colour, so we took our compact photo booth and transformed it into a super colouring booth for users to interact with.

The branded booth that visited multiple Selfridges with Clinique.


clinique crayola colouring photobooth

Striking a pose in the photo booth.

Images could be shared directly on social media, and then printed for colouring.

We developed our photo booth software to allow the photos to be transformed into a “drawn” black and white outline, that were instantly printed onto a matte paper. The user could then colour (scribble) in with lovely bright Crayola crayons with all the creativity and flair they could muster.   These mini masterpieces were popped on social media with the #cliniquecrayola  for a chance to win one of the new boxes of lip crayons.

Below are the before and after images from the booth.  The user posed for four photographs with lipstick props provided by Clinique, and then chose their favourite image to share on social media and print the outline ready for colouring! (on the left the photo booth photograph and on the right the print outline for colouring in).

clinique crayola

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posted March 1, 2017 by Jules Hancock

This was such an exciting project for us, we got to combine two of our favourite things: Bullet Time Photography and Light Painting!  What a fun way to create amazing and unique content.

Our client wanted us to create an immersive and fun photographic light painting booth to coincide with their client’s product launch Belvedere Vodka’s luminous bottle, The Midnight Saber.

The setting was Beat London which was perfect for such an occasion.  The venue has a very rich musical history, first opening in the 60’s as The Speakeasy Club, which hosted many greats such as Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Pink Floyd to name but a few.  The night was set to be radiantly wild.

bullet time light painting booth

bullet time light painting booth

belvedere 13

As the light painting booth had to be able to fit within a small space in the club, we used our compact Bullet Time Photo Booth which was then built into a light tight box.

The user entered the booth, struck a pose, the flash was triggered and then had time to “paint” with a torch.  This freedom to expressively paint with the light, allowed the user to create unique content to share.

The individual images were then stitched together along with a branded outro slide and converted into a moving MP4 which was immediately transferred to our sharing unit.  From its touch screen, users could then share their unique light painting videos instantly to social media and print a branded still image to keep as a memento.

All the videos from the evening were also instantly uploaded to a branded microsite.



bullet time light painting booth

bullet time light painting booth

belvedere 1

bullet time light painting booth



posted February 22, 2017 by Jules Hancock

So we went back into the studio recently for a bit of #studiotinkering (it’s our happy place), to break away from our computers and get creative.  We had some awesome new light painting toys for Christmas,  so we were excited to try them out.

We wanted to experiment with our new bullet time photo booth to play with our new lights to create “washes” & shapes to capture them in all their 3D glory.  This new feature is light painting combined with our bullet time photography,  this allows the user freedom to expressively paint and create with light, but also to create bespoke “painted” backdrops.

We are able to capture unique moving 3D content that is instantly shareable.  The results were as below.

say fromage bullet time light painting


say fromage bullet time light painting


say fromage bullet time light painting


say fromage bullet time light painting


say fromage bullet time light painting


say fromage bullet time light painting

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posted February 20, 2017 by Jules Hancock

 1. Zaha Hadid paintings at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Four of Zaha Hadid’s abstract paintings have been used to create animated virtual reality environments for an exhibition of her early work at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery.  The Serpentine Galleries collaborated with the VR department at Zaha Hadid Architects and Google Arts and Culture to create the virtual reality experiences.  Working with digital production agency Novelab to translate the abstract artworks into 360-degree virtual environments, which visitors can view using an HTCV live headset.  You’ll have hurry though as the exhibition closes on the 12th February!

Zaha Hadid paintings

Zaha Hadid paintings

2.  Robots Exhibition at the Science Museum
 From the dawn of mechanised human forms to cutting-edge technology fresh from the lab, Robots reveals the astonishing 500-year quest to make machines human.  Focusing on why they exist rather than on how they work, the exhibition explores the ways robots mirror humanity and the insights they offer into our ambitions, desires and position in a rapidly changing world.  Opens at the Science Museum on the  8th February to 3rd September 2017

robots science museum

robots science museum

3.  Fear and Love at the Design Museum

Fear and Love Reactions to a Complex World exhibition at the Design Museum, presents eleven new installations by some of the most innovative and thought-provoking designers and explore a spectrum of issues that define our time, include themes around, networked sexuality, sentient robots, slow fashion and settled nomads. Open until the 23rd  April 2017  #FearandLove

fear and love design museum

fear and love design museum


Anywhen is a site-specific exhibition that changes throughout the day and that will evolve throughout its residency. The exhibition is a moving automaton which guides the public through a constantly changing play of moving elements, light configurations and sound environments. Parreno states that ‘the exhibition is a construction of situations or sequences in a non-linear narrative’.

The commission responds to the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, an open space connected to the city itself.  Parreno combines aspects of chance and control: the sequences of events are triggered by software which is informed by micro-organisms. These react to and activate elements of the commission through a bioreactor visible at the far end of the Turbine Hall.

Prepare to have your senses activated and stimulated by a spectacular choreography of acoustics, sound lighting, flying objects and film, each connected to the other and playing their part in a far bigger score. Tate’s Turbine Hall becomes a universe of inter-related and connected events and parallel realities. Events will unfold anywhen. The exhibition runs until the 2nd April 2017 see more details here

tate modern anywhen

tate modern anywhen

5. Jennifer Walshe: Sound Salon with Michael Waugh at Somerset House Studios

Following the success of the first edition of her Sound Salon series in January, Somerset House Studios Associate Artist Jennifer Walshe returns to discuss music, sound, the internet and digital technologies with specially invited guest, Dr Michael Waugh.  Somerset House Studios New Wing,  Wed. 15th Feb.19.00-21.00 (on monthly till May 2017) book tickets here

The idea of the ‘Post-Internet’ has mostly been associated with a specific aesthetic of irony and kitsch. In his research, Dr Michael Waugh expands the term to reflect on contemporary identity in a world of where the relationship between young people and digital networks are increasingly intertwined. Analysing contemporary musical production, representation and distribution, he resituates ‘Post-Internet’ as a broader concept that embodies the lives of people operating on/offline simultaneously.

Jennifer Walshe somerset house

Jennifer Walshe somerset house

posted February 9, 2017 by Jules Hancock

Wow well, 2016 was a whirlwind year for Say Fromage. There was bullet time projects galore, Westfield installations, brand launches, GIF booths, photo booths, light painting booths, trips to India, France and Dubai. A massive 40 date Spotify University Tour and that’s just to name a few! Not to forgetting new team members too, we are now a bigger, better and stronger team for 2017!  We thought we’d have a round-up of some of our favourite collaborations from last year!

1. The Chuck Taylor Converse Launch Party

Say Fromage were asked by Amplify to create some pictures at The Chuck Taylor Converse Launch Party.

Wireless Photographer Converse

2. Jameson Whiskey – 360° Bullet Time Passport Photo Booth

Jameson Whiskey wanted to change that by creating a fun experience at Gatwick Airport to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. We were asked to use our Bullet Time Photography technology to create something awesome and the result was the 360° Bullet Time Passport Photo Booth.  See the video produced from the stunt along with a pick of the best Bullet Time videos below. For more info on our Bullet Time Photography experiences and pictures of the installation, click here.



3. TONI&GUY – #ProjectDeclone Bespoke Photography

We had the opportunity to work with TONI&GUY to create a unique experience at the launch event of their new product range Project De: Clone.  Combining the technology behind our Event Photography and all of the sharing magic of our traditional Photo Booths, we came up with a concept suitable for the most discerning of fashionistas. We provided lighting, a backdrop, an amazing professional photographer, and a Sharing Station to create a fashion shoot, Say Fromage style.


event photography

4. Puma Pinball Bullet Time Experience

We had huge fun with Puma, building a giant-sized pinball machine! We replaced the pinballs with footballs, and captured the players with our awesome mini bullet time rig, working with Puma and Sports Direct to bring this insane, interactive experience to their annual conference.

Puma Pinball Bullet Time Photography Experience

5. Spotify University Tour Bullet Time Experience
We teamed up with Spotify UK to create an 180° bullet time experience, which has been on a huge tour of the UK in aid of Freshers’ Week! The set up contained a rig of 16 cameras, which were fired in sync to create 180° 3D bullet time video.


6. Dior, Dior Rouge Launch Party

Then there was the Dior Makeup Rouge Dior launch complete with a customisable Say Fromage MP4 Booth and pouting.

7.  Punk Pop-up Photo Booth with The British Library

We teamed up with the British library to provide a long term Punk pop-up photo booth in the wonderful shop that coincided with their FREE Punk 1976-78 exhibition.  Read about it here.


8. Chopard’s ‘Wild’ Party, Cannes film festival 2016

Super fun Summer parties! We drove down to the beautiful Côte d’Azur for Chopard’s ‘Wild’ Party in Port Canto on the Croisette, as a part of the 69th Cannes film festival 2016.


9. Serpentine Summer Party

Serpentine Summer Party, where three of our Compact Photo Booths were set up to captivate the differing architectural views of Bjarke Ingels’ new Serpentine Pavillion- which included a room filled with multi-coloured balloons. So. Much. Fun.


10. Love Brunch Party

Another firm favourite of ours was the Love Brunch event, which used one of our Compact Fashion Photo Booths with a custom made popping, patterned backdrop.   Read more here


11. BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show Instagrim booth

Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show long term hire Photo booth Obvs #instagrim


12.Urban Decay Bullet Time Light Installation

When we were asked to make a colourful bullet time experience for L’Oreal makeup brand Urban Decay, sponsors at the Stylist live event in the Islington business Design centre, we jumped at the chance to create a playful space that visitors could interact with.

13. Prudential RideLondon 2016 Bullet Time Experience

We teamed up with Prudential RideLondon 2016 to build a 360° Bullet Time cycling experience and GIF photo booths at the Excel Exhibition Centre London.  Being a keen bunch of cyclists here in the Say Fromage office, we were super excited about this project.  Read about it here.

Prudential Ride London Bullet Time Photography Experience

14. Ebay #ebaycurve launch

We collaborated with Ebay on the launch of their new #ebaycurve range, providing them with our trusty SF Event Photographers, who took a series of images which were then converted into GIFs and sent to our social media sharing station for easy upload!


Phew…….there are so much more great projects that we could talk about and it’s been really tough choosing our favs.  We had a great time working with you all.  Bring on 2017! We’ve already had a super busy January can’t wait to share it all with you.


posted February 3, 2017 by Jules Hancock

We have a new mini portable bullet time photo booth, so what is it? I hear you ask.  Well it is a small 3D Bullet Time Photography booth.  The setup consists of 9 digital SLRs set on a curved platform, the 3 banks of LED’s the light the booth.  The cameras fire simultaneously to create a moving 3D effect when the images are animated together into a GIF or Mp4.  This 3D effect can be emphasised by props such as confetti that fill the space and frozen mid-air.

The SF Bullet Time Photo Booth is perfect if you are looking for a compact unique photographic experience. It’s quick to set up, doesn’t take up much space and creates some amazing content.

The whole spectacle fits into a 3m x 3m footprint and is 2.2m high. It can be set up in two hours and will create Bullet Time videos and GIFs which can then be instantly shared on social media.

The background of the SF Bullet Time Photo Booth can be customised specifically for your event. This can be anything from bold block colours to bespoke built sets.


 bullet time photo booth

All videos can be customised with branding, overlays and animations.



posted December 9, 2016 by Jules Hancock

We were asked to go on tour as a part of npower’s Super Power Roadshow, a new campaign launched in October 2016  to find and record the people of Britain’s Super Powers!  Well, we were excited to be a part of the team to capture these super talented super humans, especially when they told us they’ve found a man who knows the day for every date in the past and future, a family of three girls and their mum who save time in the morning by doing each other’s hair simultaneously; and Milo the dog who can balance doughnuts on his head!

The purpose of the tour was to find people’s everyday Super Powers and give them an opportunity to have them recorded within the Super Powers video booth.  Separate to the video booth activity happening on the stand there was be small lounge area open for people to take a seat and enjoy watching the activity as it is happening.





The roadshow went to a new location over 4 consecutive weekends starting in Birmingham Grand Central, then on to Bluewater, Manchester Arndale centre and lastly Gateshead Metro Centre. At each location,  members of the public were invited to come and record their Super Powers in our video booth. This could be anything from juggling to doing a really mean breakdancing.

We supplied all the tech for the video booth and specially developed and designed an application to capture video, data and photos, that could be activated, used simply and quickly by members of the public via a touch screen.

Each person had two chances to record a video of their Super Power if they wanted to take part in the npower prize draw.  Those who did record their super power and filled out the data capture were then included on the npower family super powers website and entered into the prize draw, they also had their video emailed to them automatically.  Those that didn’t want to enter the prize draw, but still wanted to take part in all the fun, had the opportunity to have a photo taken and received a branded print to take away.

Outside the booth, there were two large screens that showed the npower TV adverts and the video content recorded in the booth in a live feed.

Here are a few of the results, accompanied by Peter Andre, who was hosting some of the events.




View Britains super power videos here on the npower family super powers website and cast your votes

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posted November 30, 2016 by Jules Hancock

In an age where we are saturated, almost bombarded by millions of images every day, it can be hard sometimes to stop and take a beat to really appreciate a good photograph.  Black and white has been around since the beginnings of photography and since then has been slowly phased out, in preference for colour film which was first introduced to the masses by Kodak in 1950’s, and from then on into the digital age.  So why shoot in black and white when you can shoot in colour right?

Well in most cases, yes, but black and white still has its place.  Classic black and white is having a resurgence of late with the rise of analog photography, and endless Instagram filters.  It can add a certain moody classic feel your images, whether it’s a wedding or special occasion, or an aesthetic you want to add to your event or just an old time feel, black and white can lend itself to it and can be a more versatile genre than you think.  So next time why not try opting for black and white you might be pleasantly surprised.

The following images were taken with our Classic Booth:

Our Classic booth is the timeless photo booth you imagined. On the inside it has some hidden extras, boasting meticulously crafted flattering portrait lighting to ensure the photos are genuinely beautiful and timeless.

Images just how you remember them, classic photo booths provide an intimate space to focus on what matters: flattering photos that are instantly shareable.




Edgy Black and White Punk aesthetic taken with our compact booth.  We teamed up with the British library to provide a Punk pop-up photo booth in the wonderful shop that coincided with their FREE Punk 1976-78 exhibition.  Read more about it here




Or a good old fashioned sepia feel. This was a private event for Bentley’s, taken with a bespoke built camera made to look like a wooden plate land camera, complete with bellows!  Here are a few of the results.




posted November 10, 2016 by Jules Hancock

When we were asked to make a colorful bullet time experience for L’Oreal makeup brand Urban Decay, sponsors at the Stylist live event in the Islington business Design center, we jumped at the chance to create a playful space that visitors could interact with.

The installation was inspired by the new full spectrum eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay, which is filled with bright poppy colors that we wanted to reflect within the experience by using fluorescent lights.  There was a limited space, time and budget to work with, so we handmade a bespoke branded 180° curved bullet time rig.  To which the fluorescent tubing could be attached to create a bright, compact and colorful space to capture the visitors.  The bullet time images were then made into a Mp4 that uploaded automatically to an online gallery and our visitors could then print share on social media, using the #urbandecay and #stylistlive hashtags from the branded sharing station.




Bespoke compact bullet time installation within the Urban Decay stand at the Stylist Live Event.


The full set up had to fit in a limited space within the stand.


Subjects are lit both in front and from behind by fluorescent lights, to balance the exposure.

urban decay light booth closeup

Our host controls the activation of the bullet time installation to ensure the best possible outcome.


The touch screen display, where visitors could choose their favorite images to print and also share their bullet time MP4 via social media directly from our station.


Here is a selection of some of our favorite Mp4s from the weekend 🙂  You can browse the rest of the Gallery here.




posted November 3, 2016 by Jules Hancock

We recently teamed up with Spotify UK to create a 180° bullet time experience, which has been on a huge tour of the UK in aid of Freshers’ Week! The set up contained a rig of 16 cameras, which were fired in sync to create this 180° 3D bullet time video.

The brief:

  • Bold stage like look
  • Impactful
  • High- Tech
  • Branded
  • Inviting
  • Flexible

The Interpretation:

  • 180° rig, 4m diameter and background which measures 6m x 2.8m to allow for full body and group shots.
  • 16 x DSLR cameras.
  • Email and social sharing, including link to University specific Spotify playlist.
  • Touring 40 x  Freshers’ Week events at Universities all over the UK between 12th Sept and 7th October.

The construction:

Now this was the slightly tricky part, we had a limited time frame of a maximum of 3 hours in which to build the complete set for each event. This was a serious CHALLENGE! as this would normally take a whole day to construct and test.  But we are never one to back down from such a request, so we put our heads together and came up with a solution. We decided we would need two flexible and portable rigs as they would be touring around Universities up and down the country.  We became a well oiled machine working on this build, not only did the structure have to be lightweight and fast to build but also a bright, inviting stage that was large enough to fit 4-5 people within. We did this by using a metal truss which provided the perfect platform for safe and quick construction, that also could hold our equipment in situ to speed up changeovers and be “wrapped” in Spotify branding quickly.

Testing the construction:




The set up:





Customer experience / journey:

This was the FUN bit, we toured around 40 different UK Universities as a part of Freshers’ Week and invited the students to interact with the space we had created with Spotify.  They were encouraged to add their favourite song to “The Sound of their University” Spotify playlist.  When people entered the Spotify stage,  a sensor activated the voiceover that welcomed them into the experience and instructed them on what they needed to do.  While they were on the stage,  two videos were taken.  Once they had finished, the voiceover guided them out to the touch screen social sharing station, from which customers could watch and choose their favourite video and share directly to social media with a link to the Universities Spotify playlist.


ariana grande dresses show

The outcome:

Great sweeping bullet time shots, perfectly freeze framing the moment.  You can see more of our Custom Projects here.






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Dare we mention it, dare we say it’s name….Christmas is coming! Eeeekkk!

We are already booking dates for Christmas 2016, and we are selling out fast.  Here is a list of some of the services for hire

Photo booth

GIF booth

Green screen

Paparazzi machine

To add some Say Fromage fun to your Christmas party or event get in touch here or contact

So here is a look at a few of our favorite Christmas party photo booth images from last year Christmas 2015.


The prize for the best reindeer goes too…


Christmas jumpers are a very serious business.


You can bring your own Christmas Tree with you.


The turkey hat is a Firm Say Fromage Favourite!


When you can’t possibly eat anymore……..ever!


Best Christmas trend last year the glittery bauble beard, very festive


Mrs Claus popped into Say Fromage


The elves had a fabulous time



christmas elf hat

Rudolf stopped by for a break


Bye bye see you next year


N10-006 MB2-707 
300-206 352-001 
300-208 MB2-707 
352-001 1V0-601 
101 1Z0-067 
300-075 300-101 

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If you live in London or just fancy a visit, we thought we’d save you the trouble of searching all day long for photo-related things to do this month, so we’ve compiled a little list to help you out:

Uniqlo Tate Lates– 28th October

Tate Modern are now introducing Tate Lates on the last Friday of every month the building will be full of art, film, live music, talks and workshops…



Photo Publishers Market– 22nd- 23rd October

Not strictly in London, it’s actually part of Brighton Photo Fringe, but it’s pretty close…



Decision Space– 6th October- 15th January

Artist Sebastian Schmieg is developing a new image dataset to understand how machines are taught to understand and read images. See more over on The Photographer’s Gallery website



John Wood and Paul Harrison:Some things were recorded 1993-1998– 9 September – 29 October

The exhibition includes twelve videos and a selection of drawings by John Wood and Paul Harrison, mapping the early years of a collaboration which spans more than two decades.



Araki– 27th September- 22nd November

Hamiltons Gallery London presents  renowned Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki’s new work.

‘After reincarnation in my new life, photography will still be the first word I utter. It’s been a 60-year contract, near enough. Photography is love and death – that’ll be my epitaph.’’ (Araki)



Gut Magazine, Issue 2 Launch– 31st October

Gut Magazine: The Magic Issue. Halloween night launch.

Wide Strap Bridesmaid Dresses


Erwin Blumenfeld: From Dada to Vogue– 5th-29th October

The exhibition comprises of a collection of Blumenfeld’s early photographs, some of which have never been exhibited in the UK before.



The Infinite Mix: Contemporary Sound and Image– 9th September- 4th December

The Infinite Mix exhibition brings together audiovisual artworks that are soulful and audacious in their exploration of a wide range of subjects.


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As you may already know from reading our previous blog post, we recently collaborated with The British Library as part of their Punk 1976-78 exhibition. One of our pop-up Say Fromage photo booths was set up in The British Library shop for visitors to enjoy and release their inner Sid Vicious or Siouxsie Sioux. It’s visible from the amount of imagery taken that the exhibition was well received (sorry if you missed it). The dark backdrop and black and white imagery provided by the booth enabled visitor’s personalities to really stand out against each other, so we thought we’d share some of these with you…

   say_fromage-0005-2   say_fromage-0008-2    say_fromage-0003-3   say_fromage-0001-11

And if that’s not enough, there’s this guy.


Oh and this guy…


The naked punkster.

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We’d like to give you a little heads up on something we offer here at Say Fromage. If you’re not ready to give up your cute customised photo booth just yet, don’t worry. We also offer long term, more permanent hires!

One of our clients is accessories label Lulu Guinness who have a customised permanent photo booth in their Covent Garden store. The booth resembles a giant lipstick and is made up from components from our SF compact photo booth. The booth also offers data capture, for emails and printing.






If there’s a promotion in store we offer changes to logo’s and branding for prints and can supply other changes to customise appearance. An example of this is Lulu Guinness’ summer collaboration with juice brand Supernatural where the branding was changed for their pop-up garden party event, which included hashtag #SPRNTRLXLULU and another promotional branding. Cute.





We also have the well known ‘Instagrim’ photo booth on BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw. The booth has been residing and part of the BBC family for a good and fruitful four years. The booth is used to capture and create content for Grimshaw’s show, in which he poses with guests such as Lady Gaga, Matt Damon, Margot Robbie, the Ab Fab duo etc etc. If you fancy a little celeb spotting, here are some recent images captured in the #Instagrim booth:


AB FAB BBC Radio 1 Nick Grimshaw Say Fromage margot-robbie-alexander-skarsgard Celebrity Sweet 16 Dresses gaga


Other past clients include, Relentless and Smashbox cosmetics. Relentless had a booth built inside a Landrover which they toured around UK cities and festivals promoting their brand. Yes, impressive…


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With the increasing popularity and use of Snapchat, Instagram and other social sharing apps, there also comes the ability to alter or annotate our everyday selves. Snapchat now offers beauty filters and the option to create your own mask in addition to already being able to choose how long someone can view an image for. So how does this affect how we perceive each other and what is all of this doing for our social anxiety?

It’s safe to say the world has now become accustomed to the odd image touch up, even if that means just adding a little mayfair to your average Instagram snapshot or having someone touchup or add in the odd black & white image to your wedding album. However, we can now alter and curate the way we look and the way we look to others, through Snapchat filters, airbrushing apps and in the way we pick and choose what we post and what we don’t post. For all our followers know we could be an Angelina Jolie, living the sunny, hollywood dream. When really we’re a Barb or Bill, living the not so Hollywood dream.

If you’re a regular social media user you’ve probably seen floods of the Snapchat butterfly headband and flower headband beautifying filters being shared on all social media outputs. People love it. But why? And what message is this putting out there? Do we really need to alter ourselves to be socially accepted? Yes we might have the casual spot and fluffy hair but surely this is more appealing than having a swarm of butterflies consuming you head?


kendal-jenner-butterfly    cgvbhrdw4aa6ckm


There seems to be a lot of anxiety when it comes to social media, selfie sharing and how people perceive us. Photographer Lina Scheynius, spoke to I-D of how she had to take a 4 month break from Instagram to deal with social media anxiety, when explaining this ‘Insta-anxiety’ she states ‘I was always checking it and thinking about how I could get more followers. I worked out ways of getting them, like posting nude selfies and fashion work I’d done. And I think likes generate a chemical reaction inside, which I was addicted to’ Lina isn’t alone on this one. There’s 500 million users on Instagram, that’s 500 million people to compete and share with. Of course you can make your account private and share with close friends and family but then where would we get the social recognition we all seem to want and need?


Bateau Neck Celebrity Dresses    dyptich-lina-15


It’s clear that social media has turned into a bit of a rat race, there’s this attitude that if you don’t have more than 500 followers you’re not worth following. Why should it matter how many likes we get or how many followers we have? Maybe we should all take a leaf from the who gives a s*** what people think book, let go of social standards and be happy as we are! Lets look at the likes we did get not at the likes we didn’t get. Lets not compare ourselves to our peers. Lets accept the ugly photos that were taken on a night out and embrace them as humourous memories worth sharing. After all confidence is contagious.


Here’s a couple of high profilers who can help us on our way to caring less on social media…





All hail Britney!


It’s been a while since I’ve cut loose 😂😜

A video posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on


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