Black and white photography is not dead

say fromage photography
Julia Hancock
November 2016

In an age where we are saturated, almost bombarded by millions of images every day, it can be hard sometimes to stop and take a beat to really appreciate a good photograph.  Black and white has been around since the beginnings of photography and since then has been slowly phased out, in preference for colour film which was first introduced to the masses by Kodak in 1950’s, and from then on into the digital age.  So why shoot in black and white when you can shoot in colour right?

Well in most cases, yes, but black and white still has its place.  Classic black and white is having a resurgence of late with the rise of analogue photography, and endless Instagram filters.  It can add a certain moody classic feel your images, whether it’s a wedding or special occasion, or an aesthetic you want to add to your event or just an old time feel, black and white can lend itself to it and can be a more versatile genre than you think.  So next time why not try opting for black and white you might be pleasantly surprised.

The following images were taken with our Classic Booth:

Our Classic booth is the timeless photo booth you imagined. On the inside it has some hidden extras, boasting meticulously crafted flattering portrait lighting to ensure the photos are genuinely beautiful and timeless.

Images just how you remember them, classic photo booths provide an intimate space to focus on what matters: flattering photos that are instantly shareable.




Edgy Black and White Punk aesthetic taken with our compact booth.  We teamed up with the British library to provide a Punk pop-up photo booth in the wonderful shop that coincided with their FREE Punk 1976-78 exhibition.  Read more about it here




Or a good old fashioned sepia feel. This was a private event for Bentley’s, taken with a bespoke built camera made to look like a wooden plate land camera, complete with bellows!  Here are a few of the results.




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