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Project Case Studies

Adidas "The X" Video Booth

Inspired by their new Pure Boost X shoe, Adidas created a giant X was created in Victoria Park in East London. Events like yoga classes, shoe fittings, and health talks were held inside.

Say Fromage created a Video Booth that was installed in one of the spaces inside the X. Runners were asked to share their positive energy and their running goals for the year.

The videos were then projected individually onto a wall of shoe boxes to spread the positive energy to other runners and guests! See some of the videos here.

Rapha - Team Sky Jaguar Photo Booth

One of our favourite clients, Rapha, managed to get their hands on Team Sky’s Jaguar F-Type custom support car and asked us to build a photo booth in it for the day. The sleek black Jaguar was parked in front of the Rapha Cycle Club London. We created the car booth using a wide angled lens, a trigger button, and a countdown clock and all the pictures taken focussed on the driver and passenger seats. Guests were able to access the photos they took in the car booth by using the Sharing Station set up nearby. The car drew a lot of attention and created a unique souvenir to share and take away.

Serpentine Gallery Summer Party 2015

Say Fromage was commissioned by Mybeautifulcity to create a bespoke experience for the 2015 Serpentine Summer Party.

We used the Serpentine Pavilion by architects Selgascano as a starting point. We created something that would give the guests a unique experience that not only stood out, but would also create a souvenir related to the pavilion.

We used coloured plastic and a giant light box to create a photo booth that mimicked the silhouettes created within the pavilion.

See the GIFs that were created from the night here

PUMA IGNITE - Laser Triggered Sprint Photo

We worked with our good friends at Vision 9 to launch the new PUMA IGNITE running trainer. Say Fromage provided created a laser triggered camera set up with a Sharing Station.

Shoppers from Manchester’s Trafford Centre were able to try on the IGNITE trainers and attempt to beat Usain Bolt’s starting time.

They triggered a laser as they sprung from the blocks which set off the camera. The pictures were automatically uploaded to the branded Sharing Station located in JD sports, where the shoes were on sale.


We collaborated with PATTERNITY for an installation in Trafalgar Square for the London Design Festival and Airbnb. Say Fromage worked with PATTERNITY to turn a giant kaleidoscope into an immersive photographic experience and create the PATTERNIHOME. Passers-by were invited to play with the kaleidoscope to create their own unique patterns of home. We programmed the installation so that a photographs were taken from one end of the kaleidoscope as people turned it. The pictures were then turned into GIFs and uploaded to a gallery as well as being displayed in a slide show on the side of the home. See a video of the installation here.

VOGUE Festival Cover Shoot 2015

Say Fromage was commissioned to produce the Vogue Cover Shot for the 2015 Vogue Festival.

Before they were photographed, the lovely fashionistas got a quick, stylish makeover. The had their makeup done courtesy of Chanel and were all styled by Vogue stylists. They were then passed on to the photographer’s assistant who directed them where to stand and gave them tips on how to pose. All photographs were taken by professional fashion photographers.

Once they had finished their shoot, the best chosen picture was sent behind the scenes where professional retouchers were waiting to work their magic. The retouchers would send the final polished image to one of our Say Fromage hosts who printed it on photographic paper. It was a quick, smooth process that enabled the prints to be ready in only a few minutes.

We managed to create around 800 covers, with a few special guests including Jean Paul Gaultier and Erin O’Connor.

npower #familysuperpowers video booth

We were asked to go on tour as a part of npower’s Super Power Roadshow, a new campaign launched in October 2016  to find and record the people of Britain’s Super Powers!

The roadshow went to a new location over 4 consecutive weekends starting in Birmingham Grand Central, then on to Bluewater, Manchester Arndale centre and lastly Gateshead Metro Centre. At each location,  members of the public were invited to come and record their Super Powers in our video booth. This could be anything from juggling to doing a really mean breakdancing.

We supplied all the tech for the video booth and specially developed and designed an application to capture video, data and photos, that could be activated, used simply and quickly by members of the public via a touch screen.

Read more about it here

Burberry Beauty Booth - Vogue Festival 2014

Say Fromage were delighted to collaborate with Burberry  for the 2014 Vogue Festival at London’s  Southbank Centre.

The weekend was jam-packed with styling & beauty masterclasses, makeovers, inspiring talks, and our bespoke Burberry Beauty Booth. The concept was simple: to create the illusion of a digital mirror that would inspire festival-goers to explore and play with Burberry’s signature looks.

Created using a custom reflective, interactive surface, the booth’s screen appeared to be a large mirror. Only after an image was captured was the photo made visible. From there, guests were able to print, email, and share their images.

Take a look at a video of the Burberry Beauty Booth.

TalkTalk - Paparazzi Machine

For the 2013 finale of ITV’s X Factor and sponsor TalkTalk, Say Fromage created and built a totally immersive, show-biz experience. Our Paparazzi Machine enabled hundreds of audience members to experience the glamour and excitement of the red carpet.

Our technicians and designers used a built-in sensor  so that each of the 12 cameras fired automatically when one of the guests stood in front on the red carpet. Our machine also included an LED panel countdown feature so people were ready to pose for their shots as well as a cheeky recording of paparazzi shouts to further mimic a real red carpet experience.

The pictures were instantly sent to a specially designed touch screen wall, where they could be shared via social media and a printed as a souvenir.

Take a look at a video of the Paparazzi Machine.

Google Partners - Boxes of Curiosity

We were delighted to be commissioned to design a project for a Google Partners Day. But how do you pique the interest of some of the world’s most innovative companies? With Boxes of Curiosity! The Say Fromage team had a vision to work with a space that had various interactive props to intrigue and entertain the guests as they moved around, like promenade theatre. Two photo boxes hung from the ceiling and we installed a last, free-standing box for people to literally dive into.

The trick behind the Boxes of Curiosity was a simple but effective one: the moment someone popped their head in one of the boxes a sensor was triggered and a photo taken of their head inside the box. And we didn’t stop there. The real magic of the boxes was our green screen technology, which we applied to the background of the images.

Our touch screen Sharing Station meant that everyone bold enough to peek inside one of our boxes could share and print their pictures instantly.

Nike - World Basketball Festival

In June 2012, the infamous Windrush Square in Brixton was transformed by Nike into a full-sized basketball court, complete with bleachers to seat the crowds, for an epic slam dunk contest with some of the world’s recognizable basketball heroes.

Say Fromage took up the challenge of creating a photographic set-up fast enough to snap the players as they slam dunked their way through the day. A laser-motion triggered camera captured the players as they shot hoops, and the photos were then relayed to a personalised interactive touch screen wall. The slam-dunkers printed and shared the images with their friends via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Relentless Energy - Land Rover Photo Booth

The Relentless energy drink brand is associated with all things alternative and extreme and this was exactly the challenge Say Fromage faced with the Relentless Energy Land Rover project. In order to design and construct our first “auto” mobile photo booth and to fit as many people as possible, we completely gutted and refitted the Land Rover’s passenger cabin. Efficiency and mobility were key so we installed the touch screen at the rear of the car. Relentless showcased the photos on their hugely popular website and Facebook, and passengers of the Relentless Energy Land Rover could print, email and share their photos via Facebook and Twitter.

Bompas & Parr - Mt. Rocky

Culinary wizards Bompas & Parr are on an ongoing mission to create dazzling, multi-sensory public experiences. It was Say Fromage’s foodie pleasure to be asked by the pair to design a photographic project to go alongside one of their most dizzyingly delicious spectacles yet: Mt. Rocky, the world’s first chocolate climbing wall. The installation, a 32′ tall chocolate-centric climbing tower in the form of a Rocky biscuit bar, appeared at Alton Towers theme park.

The challenge for the guests was to climb to the top of the Mt. Rocky, so we wanted to capture the moment they reached the peak. With the help of the theme park engineers and technicians, we were able to position two big buttons at the top of Mt. Rocky. Once they reached the top, climbers hit the button which triggered fanfare over loudspeakers and the Say Fromage camera unit. We also set up an additional laser sensor to capture guests as they walked through a cascading four tonne chocolate waterfall.

The pictures were then all transferred automatically to a server and uploaded to a Facebook gallery for the company and their followers.

TONI&GUY - #ProjectDeClone

TONI&GUY commissioned us to unique experience at the launch event of their new product range Project De:Clone. Combining the technology behind our Event Photography and the sharing technology of our traditional Photo Booths, we provided lighting, a backdrop, a professional photographer, and a Sharing Station to create a fashion shoot, Say Fromage style. Guests at the launch event were invited to participate in the “Casting Studio.” They posed against our Fashion Background and photographer Montana Lowery captured them. She used one of our wireless cameras so the images she took went directly to our Sharing Station, decked out in custom TONI&GUY graphics. Another part of the bespoke experience took place at the Sharing Station thanks to custom programming on our part. Before printing and sharing, guests were invited to input their name, a like, and a dislike using our touch screen. This was copied to the bottom of their image, along with Toni & Guy branding to give the finished photo a fashion cover look.