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About Say Fromage

Photography has the unique ability to capture an exact moment time and create an intimate object that evokes deep feelings, memories and connections. With the help of social media, photographs are also part of the new visual language that millions of people are using to communicate an idea, thought or feeling every second of the day.

Say Fromage is an innovator of interactive photography installations and experiences. We combine photography, social media, and other technologies to help create unforgettable moments.

As a team of creative designers, project managers, photographers and developers, we work with clients every step of the way, from project conception and physical production through to delivering the live experience.

Founded in 2007, Say Fromage has been providing the UK and Europe with the most adaptable, cutting edge photo booths. We help brands tell their stories, ultimately driving their online presence and creating powerful connections with their customers. We are always on top of emerging trends and technologies. We love working closely with our clients and adapting to their ideas and imaginations.

Say Fromage has the experience and creative drive to make any idea possible—whether it’s making 360° GIFs for TalkTalk TV, turning a mirror into a touch screen photo booth for Burberry, building an automated green screen for Google, or creating the means to catch a slam dunk at the perfect moment for Nike.