Introducing the Bullet Time Photo Booth

say fromage bullet time photo booth
Julia Hancock
December 2016

We have a new mini portable bullet time photo booth, so what is it? I hear you ask.  Well it is a small 3D Bullet Time Photography booth.  The setup consists of 9 digital SLRs set on a curved platform, the 3 banks of LED’s the light the booth.  The cameras fire simultaneously to create a moving 3D effect when the images are animated together into a GIF or Mp4.  This 3D effect can be emphasised by props such as confetti that fill the space and frozen mid-air.

The SF Bullet Time Photo Booth is perfect if you are looking for a compact unique photographic experience. It’s quick to set up, doesn’t take up much space and creates some amazing content.

The whole spectacle fits into a 3m x 3m footprint and is 2.2m high. It can be set up in two hours and will create Bullet Time videos and GIFs which can then be instantly shared on social media.

The background of the SF Bullet Time Photo Booth can be customised specifically for your event. This can be anything from bold block colours to bespoke built sets.


 bullet time photo booth

All videos can be customised with branding, overlays and animations.



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